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fresh faced | facial cleanser

fresh faced | facial cleanser

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fresh faced is our original, best selling powdered facial cleanser handcrafted with 100% all natural and organic ingredients. our customers love how versatile the product is, how easy it is to use at the sink or in the shower, + how it smells like oatmeal cookies!


the powdered form means you recieve more product + the product will last longer than many cream cleansers. travel friendly, kiddo friendly, + pregnancy friendly. this cleanser is built to last + safe for use multiple times per day for all skin types!



place a quarter sized amount of product in your hand, add drops of water + mix until a paste forms. rub into skin for 2-5 minutes + rinse with warm water. bonus: add less water + apply as a face mask, rinsing off when dried in approximately 10 minutes.



bentonite clay, hand ground organic calendula flower, organic chamomile powder, baking soda, pure vitamin c powder, organic ground cinnamon

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